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All claims for loss or damage to items insured through TGI, are processed and settled in our office.


Please submit all claims directly to Travel Guard Inc. via mail, fax or email to have a claim file created for you. 


Reference your policy for important requirements for claim filing including claim filing deadlines.


If you require assistance, please contact our Claims Department directly. Be sure to have your certificate number available.



If you require storage for your personal effects, you can extend coverage under your transit insurance policy to cover the items while in the commercial moving company's licensed warehouse.


Please reference your certificate for specific information on storage extensions and when they must be submitted.


If you require assistance, please contact us.



Moving is stressful and managing all the information and required paperwork can be overwhelming. TGI aims to make the transit insurance portion of your move easy. We have helpful information on specific terms of coverage and how they affect coverage.


As always, contact us, should you have more questions.



Rarely, General Average is declared on a container vessel. This means an event precipitated the need for all shippers/owners of items on the vessel, share a portion of the cost to repair or get the vessel operating again. Your items can be held by the steamship line until these charges are paid.


TGI and its underwriters will assist you throughout this process and work with the Salvage Adjusters assigned to the vessel to get your goods released. Your international all risks policy covers this event, so you should not incur any out of pocket expenses with regards to General Average.

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